Hello world!

Devani: Aww, we were so cute back then.
Kimesha: How things change…
D: Yeah man, it’s getting real out here.
K: Who you tellin’?
D: And why the hell am I taking my sock off in this picture?
K: I think you’re putting your sock back on actually.
D: Oh really?  Then why didn’t I have socks on in the first place?
K: I don’t know.  Maybe you had sandals on and then you were putting on sneakers.
D: Whatever.  I really like those sunglasses though.  Kinda wish I still had those.
K: Yeah, those were pretty nifty.
D: We’re not this cute anymore I don’t think.
K: No, we don’t get that cute anymore.  There’s a different word to describe our cute now.
D: Raunchy? Scandolous?
K: Something along those lines.
D: On the lines of being less “cute” these days, I’m about to make a caipirinha with pineapple juice today.
K: OMG, that sounds really good.
D: Do you know how excited I am?  Like, I don’t even know what to do with myself.  This is my life right now.  Anyway… Wait, do you wear eyeliner.
K: Oh yeah, yup.
D: Do you wing it out or do you just keep it simple?
K:  Well you know, I only do the bottom of my eye…
D: Do you do a pencil or a liquid liner?
K: I do better with a pencil ‘cause I kinda like to smudge it a bit.  I think a liquid liner is better for when it’s winged.  And don’t you think the black liner makes the brown in your eyes come out more?
D: Oh, definitely.  I use a pencil on the bottom but I use liquid on the top because I usually wing it out.  And it’s like, the more you wear makeup, the more you feel you have to wear makeup.
K: You know that’s true.  But tell me it’s not true that anytime you say you won’t wear makeup you end up just throwin’ that shit on?
D: OMG! That’s why I have to wear it.  I’ll just be like, “Oh no, I’m just gonna wear like some eyeliner or something.”  And then I look in the mirror and my skin just doesn’t look as awesome as it could so I feel like I just have to spruce it up.
K: You know, we both have to invest in good tinted moisturizer.  Definitely.  While we’re still young and look good…
D: Old people don’t look good in tinted moisturizer?
K: I mean, not everyone can pull it off.
D: And now I really want dark lipstick too.
K: Yeeeahhh, it’s funny cause I was watching Rihanna’s performance on the Grammy’s and I was thinking about that.
D: Yeah, so I want like a dark purple and maybe like a raisin-y brown.
K: You know, it’s always like a red or a pink for me.
D: Oh ok, so you like really bright colors.  You know your mom hates me because I bought you that bright ass red for Christmas.  She was like, “I hate when Mesha wears that!  She looks like a lady of the night!
K: Ahhh, yeah…  And I use it as blush too.  That stuffs pretty awesome.  You know we can turn anything into a conversation about makeup.  We should make that a post.
D: I know!  I’m recording this right now.  This is the post!

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